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WireGuard VPN with 2 or more subnets

I wanted to create a WireGuard VPN with 2 subnets in different physical places, each with their own server. I couldn’t find an example how to do that, so I wrote this one. Introduction This HowTo is Linux specific. I’m going to use the IP range fd69::/48 for the VPN, fd69:0:0:1::/64 for subnet 1 and fd69:0:0:2::/64 for subnet 2. I’m going to call the server of subnet 1 server1, its first client client1a, the second one client1b and so on.

Using AsciiDoc(tor) with Gitea

In this blogpost I describe what I did to get AsciiDoc support into Gitea. If you want more than syntax highlighting and basic formatting, Gitea has to be patched unfortunately(this issue has already been reported). But I think most people will only need to edit 1 configuration file and are done. Asciidoctor or AsciiDoc? Asciidoctor has inbuilt support for highlight.js, the solution Gitea uses and is therefore the best choice in most scenarios.